Learn the benefits of pomegranate and its juice in Hindi (anar ke fayde) from Monika in this video.

You will see the details of following benefits of pomegranate juice:
1. Useful in weight loss
2. Useful in digestion
3. Benefits in heart disease
4. Reduces wrinkles from face
5. Improve eyesight
6. Improves hemoglobin in blood
7. Reduces acne / pimples
8. Provides energy
9. Improves immunity
10. Helpful in kidney diseases
11. Improves memory

Other than these, pomegranate is helpful for pregnant women, your skin and face, diabetes, hair growth and skin whitening.

Anar khane ke bahut saare fayde hote hain. Is video mein vahi saare fayde discuss kiye gaye hain. Asha hai aapko pasand aayenge.

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