Coleslaw Salad Recipe is made from cabbage salad that is said to have originated from the Netherlands which later became an integral part of American cuisine. It is made of juicy, crunchy & colourful veggies with complementary flavours & textures. Basically, it’s a cabbage salad that has a mayonnaise dressing & seasoned with a dash of pepper.

It can be served as an accompaniment with Tacos, sandwiches or burgers or as a side dish. Try this quick cabbage salad recipe that you can toss-up in a matter of minutes.
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Ingredients for Coleslaw Salad Recipe:

Cabbage shredded – 1½ cup
Carrots shredded – 1cup
Capsicum shredded – ¼ cup
Onions grated – 1 tbsp
Spring onions chopped – ¼ cup
Mayonnaise – ½ cup
Milk – 4tbsp
Mustard powder – 1tsp
Pepper – ½ tsp
Salt – to taste
Sugar – 2tsp
Lemon – 1no

Phulka Taco using leftover Cole Slaw Salad-
Phulka/Roti – 1 no
Coleslaw leftover – ½ cup
Aloo Jeera – ¼ cup
Spring onions chopped – a handful

and Enjoy Coleslaw Salad Recipe by Chef Kunal Kapur…

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