Ginger water for fast weight loss, belly fat cutter to lose 5 kgs, weight loss ginger tea, how to lose weight fast, ginger tea benefits, this ayurvedic detox water helps to lose 5 kgs in 1 month and also helps to reduce stomach fat and bloating. It’s a great drink to detox your body after a heavy meal. Using garden fresh ginger roots helps to speed up your metabolism, aids in weight loss, get rid of belly fat, helps to lower cholesterol, and to balance hormones. Fresh ginger is easily available at this time of the year; so start including this amazing tea in your diet and feel the tremendous change in your body.

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Some ginger facts:
Use young ginger. Best to use organically grown ginger root.
If garden-fresh ginger then there is no need to peel off the skin of the young ginger root. But if the root is mature and is not garden-fresh, then you may need to peel off the skin. Also as the ginger matures, the skin may turn slightly bitter.
Avoid using wrinkled and soft ginger.
This ginger water can be had hot, warm, or at room temperature.
You can add sliced lemon, lemon juice, ACV, cinnamon powder, or honey to this drink. But if the ginger is garden fresh then it is best to drink it on its own and allow the benefits of ginger to work on your body.
It’s also a great detox drink after a heavy meal.
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