With practice and patience you can master the method to make this traditional delicacy


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Ingredients for Milk Cake

10 cups (2 litres) milk
⅛ tsp alum
3/5 cup (150 gms) sugar
2 tbsps ghee + for greasing
2 tbsps liquid glucose


1. Bring milk to a boil in a large thick-bottomed non-stick kadai on high heat. Add alum and sugar, and continue to cook, stirring continuously till the milk becomes thick and grainy.
2. Grease a steel bowl with ghee.
3. Add liquid glucose and ghee to the milk mixture and mix well.
4. Transfer the mixture into the greased bowl and tap lightly. Cover the bowl with aluminum foil and set aside to cool.
5. Remove the cake from the bowl, cut into square pieces, arrange on a serving plate and serve immediately.

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