Festive season is here & what can be better than an amazing Rasmalai Recipe in Microwave which can be prepared in no time & you will get the best results. These rasmalais turn out super soft, they wouldn’t be dry at all & would soak up all of that milky goodness & they won’t crack at all while cooking. I have worked around a recipe with which you can prepare these rasmalais in a microwave oven & they turn out amazing. Do try the Rasmalai Recipe in Microwavee this festive season & let me know in the comments.

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Full Written Recipe for Rasmalai Recipe in Microwave

Prep time: 10-15 minutes
Cooking time: 35-40 minutes
Serves: 17-18 rasmalai

Masala milk
• Cheeni (sugar) – 1 cup
• Pista (pistachio) – 1/4 cup (slivered)
• Badam (almonds) – 1/4 cup (slivered)
• Elaichi (cardamom) a pinch
• Kesar (saffron) – 10-12 strands
• Milk 1 liter
• Take a big size microwave-safe bowl, add all the ingredients and mix well, cook in the microwave at high power for 15 minutes. Using a big size bowl will prevent the milk form spilling out. You can use nuts of your choice, and adjust the sweetness as per your preference.
• Your masala milk for rasmalai is ready. Cooldown to room temperature. By the time you can make the chena.

Rasmalai Recipe in Microwave
• Milk 1 litre
• Water 1/4th cup + vinegar 2 tbsp
• Ice cubes as required
• Cornstarch 1 tsp
For sugar syrup
• Sugar 1 cup
• Water 4 cups
Method for Rasmalai Recipe in Microwave:
Set a heavy base wok or a stock pot on medium heat, add the milk and stir in intervals, bring to a boil, once it comes to a boil, switch off the induction or flame and stir to cool down a little bit.
In a separate bowl, add vinegar & water, mix well and this mixture gradually to the milk, stir the milk lightly while curdling the milk. Keep adding gradually until the milk solids separates from the whey (green water).
As the milk curdles, add ice cubes to stop the further cooking, use a sieve and place a muslin cloth on it, pass the milk solids (chena) through it and you can reserve the whey, rinse the chena with fresh water to remove the sourness.
Squeeze the muslin cloth well to remove the excess moisture. You can quickly open the cloth and mix to squeeze it again to remove the excess moisture. But make sure the chena has to be slightly moist or the rasmalai won’t turn soft.
Transfer the squeezed chena over a big size thali, start to cream the chena by doing it with the heel of your palms. You need to cream it well to break down the chena granules and until its smooth and creamy in texture. The creaming process needs to be done until your hand becomes greasy that is, the chena will leaves its fat, the texture should be very smooth and creamy.
As soon as the chena start to leave the thal, collect the chena with light hands. At this stage you can add cornstarch for binding, am adding 1 tsp cornstarch, adding the cornstarch ensures the rasmalai will turn out to be perfect, you can avoid adding it if you feel your chena has the perfect consistency and won’t spoil when you shape them, it’s advisable to use cornstarch if you’re a beginner and don’t have the practice to make rasmalais. (Rasmalai Recipe in Microwave)
After adding cornstarch mix well, it’ll become a soft dough, you can add more cornstarch if you feel the chena is very moist, make sure not to overdo with the addition of the cornstarch.
Once it becomes like a soft dough, the chena is ready to be shaped, cover it with a muslin cloth and make the syrup.
For making the sugar syrup, take a big size microwave safe bowl that has a wide opening, add the water and sugar, stir well to dissolve the sugar granules, cook it microwave on high power for 12 minutes or until the chaashni starts to boil.
By the time syrup is cooking you can shape the rasmalai tikkis.
To shape the tikkis, divide the chena in small marble size roundels, start to shape them in mini size tikkis, by shaping them between your palms, while applying little pressure and doing in a circular motion. You can also shape them in by making perfect small size balls and flatten to make them small size tikkis. (Rasmalai Recipe in Microwave)
Cover the chena tikki with a moist cloth until you shape the entire batch, to avoid the chenas from drying.
As soon the chaashni boils, immediately drop in the shaped tikkis and cover it with a cling wrap and prick with a toothpick to make holes, cook the chena in boiling syrup in microwave for 12 minutes on high power. The chena will double in size so make sure you drop in the rasmalai considering the space of the bowl, you’re not supposed to over crowd while cooking.
After cooking, remove the bowl and keep it covered, let the chena rest in the syrup for 10-12 minutes, allow it to cool down.
Once the temperature drops down, squeeze the soft chena gently to remove excess syrup and immediately drop in the prepared rasmalai milk, make sure the milk is at room temperature.
Let the rasmalai rest in milk for at least 4 hours to absorb the milk, refrigerate it.
Rasmalai is ready, serve it chilled and garnish it with slivered nuts, and Enjoy Rasmalai Recipe in Microwave byChef Sanjyot Keer.

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