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Want to try a healthy MANCHURIAN? Try this recipe.

Soya Chilli Manchurian Recipe is a perfect recipe for snacks, lunch or dinner. Whenever you want to have something tasty, healthy and quickly, this is the perfect recipe you must try!

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Let’s explore How to make Soya Chilli Manchurian Recipe:

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Chilli Soya Manchurian
Prep time – 20mins
Cooking time – 30mins
Serves – 4

For Boiling Soya Nuggets
Soybean Nuggets (dried) – 2cups
Water – 1lt
Soya sauce – 3tbsp
Salt – ½ tsp
Garlic chopped – 1tsp
Onion chopped – 3tbsp
Green Chilli Chopped – 2tsp
Ginger chopped – 1tsp

For Manchurian Balls
Spring onions chopped – ¼ cup
Coriander chopped – a handful
Salt – a generous pinch
Green chilli chopped – 2tsp
Lemon juice – 3tbsp
Pepper powder – ½ tsp
Corn starch – 3tbsp
Flour all-purpose (maida) – 5tbsp
Oil – for deep frying

For Chilli Manchurian Sauce –
Oil – 3tbsp
Dry red chilli – 2 no
Garlic chopped – 1tbsp
Ginger chopped – 1tbsp
Onion chopped – ¼ cup
Green chilli chopped – 2tsp
Yellow Capsicum Diced – ¼ cup
Green Capsicum Diced – ¼ cup
Red Capsicum Diced – ¼ cup
Chilli sauce – 2tbsp
Soya sauce (light) – 4tbsp
Tomato ketchup – ½ cup
Vinegar – 1tbsp
Salt – to taste
Spring onion chopped – a handful
Water/stock – 3cups
Corn starch – 1tbsp
Water – 3tbsp
Coriander chopped – a handful

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Time Stamp:
00:00 Introduction
00:43 Recipe Begins
01:13 Kunal’s Tip & Trick
02:10 Frying Soya Chunks
04:41 Soya Manchurian Sauce (Dry)
06:25 Soya Manchurian (Gravy)
07:27 Plating Soya Chilli Manchurian


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