What are Minerals? And why are these important?

Often we have heard that Minerals are very important for our body but we do not know much about Minerals and due to ignorance we make careless health. Today, through this post, I will give you complete knowledge about Minerals, so that you will be able to know about the benefits of Minerals and minerals due to its deficiency and you will know from where to get Minerals for your body. can go.

What are Minerals?

Without minerals, our body does not know the skin, muscles, tissues and red blood cells. Even oxygen cannot reach the brain without these. The exchange of messages between the brain and various organs is also possible due to the minerals. Our body cannot manufacture minerals, therefore it has to be replenished through food.

Actually our body does not manufacture all the nutrients that our body needs to function properly. That is why we get them from our food. There are two types of nutrients, macro nutrients and micro nutrients. Macro nutrients contain carbohydrates, proteins and fats, while micro nutrients contain vitamins and minerals. Although both vitamins and minerals are micro nutrients, but they are completely different from each other. Vitamins are organic and are broken down by heat, air or acid, while minerals are in-organic and maintain their chemical structure. Micro nutrients, also known as hidden hunger.

Why are Minerals important for us?

Minerals are necessary for many functions of our body. Minerals are very important for keeping bones, teeth, skin, hair, muscles healthy and strong, and for normal functioning of blood and nerves. The food we consume converts into energy through metabolic process and for this change we need different minerals. In general words, minerals are required for the development of the body and functioning properly.

Let us now learn about various types of minerals which are necessary for our body.


This is a very important part of the mineral. Sodium maintains blood pressure. The correct blood pressure is very important for proper functioning of muscles and nerves.

Sodium can be easily obtained from ordinary salt and small amounts are also found in milk and turnips.

Sodium deficiency leads to fatigue. There is a problem of nausea, muscle spasms and mental imbalance. Its excess increases the risk of high blood and heart related diseases.

These women should take 1300 ml gram daily and men 1500 mg daily.

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It is an electrolyte and is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream. Potassium plays an important role in keeping the heart healthy and also in the functioning of the digestive system. Potassium is necessary for the nerves or muscles to function properly. This is an essential part of the minerals.
We can get it from bananas, tomatoes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, green leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli, citrus fruits like oranges, low fat milk and yogurt and beans.  
The problems caused by its deficiency and excess are as follows: Lack of potassium causes a lot of fatigue and heartbeats become irregular. Its excess can cause high blood pressure. 
Quantity to be taken daily: 2,000 ml of potassium should be taken daily.

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It is contributes to energy production, stimulates enzymes and maintains calcium levels.
It is found in whole grains, walnuts, cashews, almonds and leafy vegetables.
Problems caused by its deficiency and excess: Low levels of magnesium can cause high blood pressure and heart diseases.  
Both women and men should take 10-12 ml daily.

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It is an integral part of hemoglobin, which is found in red blood cells. Red blood cells provide oxygen to your body tissues. 
Foods rich in iron include eggs, legumes, green leafy vegetables and dry fruits.
Problems caused by its deficiency and excess: Iron deficiency causes anemia. Extreme fatigue and weakness are felt. Its excess can make the heart sick.
Women should take 12 mg daily and men 8 mg daily.


It is the most commonly found mineral in our body. And it is important in all the minerals. It also helps in strengthening bones and teeth. Also plays an important role in muscle contraction and exchange of neural sensations. Calcium is also needed to shrink and dilate the blood vessels.

Calcium deficiency weakens bones and increases the risk of osteoporosis. Due to its excess, there is a problem of restlessness, high blood pressure and stones.
It is necessary to have 1,000 mg daily for women and 1,200 mg daily for men.

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