What are vitamins? Why is it Important?

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What are vitamins? Learn about its benefits and losses and 10 such things that you should know about vitamins, that too I will tell you today through this article. Today, the topic of our article is such a topic about which everyone knows a little but no one knows the whole. That’s why read this post till the end, after which you will be able to understand everything very well.

What are vitamins?

Vitamins are a type of organic material that our body needs in subtle amounts but they control all the metabolic functions of the body, due to their deficiency many diseases occur in the body. In simple language, they are a small nutrient, biological controller and metabolic controller. Their study is called Vitaminology. In reality, they are a health controller and not a body. Protein plays the main role in body building. The main function of vitamins is to take care of the body.

Up to 20 types of vitamins have been detected which are divided into 2 categories –

१- Fat soluble (A,D,E,K) 2- Water soluble (B,C)

Vitamin- A 

Vitamin -A

It is also called anti infection and anti cancer vitamin. It has 2 isomers –

A 1- It is also called retinol and it is necessary for vision.

A 2- This is called dehydroretinol which is required to produce epithelial lining glands and tears.

Its deficiency proves fatal to our eyesight, due to its deficiency, Ratondhi and Xerophthalmia disease occur. It is stored in the liver.

Carrots are an excellent source for this, we also get it from butter, egg yolk, milk, papaya, mango, spinach, fish, liver, cabbage, tomato etc.

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Vitamin- D

Vitamin D image: Source – Google

This vitamin is also called sunshine vitamin or anti rickets vitamin. It is produced by the skin from cholesterol in the presence of ultraviolet light. About 10 vitamins are known in this vitamin group.

It is necessary for bones and teeth, meaning it is helpful in the formation of bones and in the absorption of calcium. Lack of it causes rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults.

It is obtained from sunlight, butter, milk, vegetables and liver etc. It is destroyed by taking contraceptive medicine.

Vitamin- E

Source: Google

This is called anti sterility vitamin or beauty vitamin.

It removes stains and wrinkles from the skin and helps in maintaining natural beauty. Its deficiency causes infertility, miscarriage, polio, muscle weakness and skin disorders.

To get this, almonds, green leaves, oil, wheat, eggs, meat, cotton seed oil, etc. are sufficient sources, it is destroyed by excessive consumption.


विटामिन K

Source: Google

It is also called anti-hemorrhagic vitamin. It is synthesized by the symbiotic bacterium E. coli found in the intestine. It is necessary for the formation of prothrombin.

A lack of it does not cause a blood clot. If you have vitamin K deficiency in your body and you get hurt, the blood coming out of the injury will not stop, which can lead to death in some circumstances.

The sources of its availability are green vegetables, carrots, tomatoes, liver, cabbage, spinach, radish, coriander and soyabean etc. It is destroyed by frequent use of antibiotics and sulfa drugs.

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We will study water soluble vitamin B & C in the second post.

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