What is protein? And why is this important?

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today, for you, I am presenting information on a very interesting fact. In which you will get complete information about protein and at the end of the post you will understand what is protein? And why it is very important for your body and if it is not there, what harm can be done to the body. In the end, we will know from where we can get it naturally.

What is protein?

Protein is a complex organic material containing nitrogen. which consists of molecules of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen elements. In addition to these elements, sulfur, zinc, phosphorus and copper are also present in some proteins. It is the main ingredient for protoplasm and is necessary for physical growth and various biological activities.

Why is it important for your body?

Protein is responsible for the development of our body. In its presence, cells of skin, blood, muscles and bones develop. Its main function is to establish the basic structure of the body and to conduct the biochemical activities of the body as an enzyme. This strengthens our muscles and immune system and it is due to this that 18-20% of our body. It is found in our hair, nails, skin, muscles and blood cells. There are also many types of chemicals found in our body, including hormones, enzymes etc. This disease is very important to increase immunity.

Protein is very important for pregnant, lactating women, growing children, exercising athletes and the elderly. Its usefulness in the development of muscles in our body, not only increases the rate of protein recovery. Experts say that the requirement of protein depends on your weight and the calories you take, they believe that 20-30% of the calories taken should be protein. For example, if you consume 2000 calories, then 600 calories should come from protein. Now you must have understood why it is very important for your body.

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Loss of body due to lack of protein

 प्रोटीन के ना होने पर शरीर को होने वाले नुक्सान
प्रोटीन के ना होने पर शरीर को होने वाले नुक्सान

From the development of body muscles to providing energy to the body, protein is. Therefore, if it is deficient in the body, its effect is clearly visible on the body’s functioning.

The first effect of protein deficiency in the body is seen on your skin, hair and nails. Problems such as redness, thin and light hair, hair breakage and fingernail breakage are seen when the required dose is not available. Due to its deficiency, your muscle is slowly weakening. Along with calcium, protein also plays a role in bone strength, due to which the bone is weakened if its proper amount is not found, which increases the risk of fracture.

Protein is very important for children and when it is deficient, their growth is blocked. Protein deficiency also negatively affects your immune system, due to which the immunity of the person decreases, which increases the chances of infection in many ways. The major consequence of protein deficiency also comes in the form of fatty liver problem, in which the lack of protein in the body causes the fat to accumulate on the liver, which later becomes a serious problem.

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Natural sources of protein


Egg is one of the healthiest and most nutritious foods on earth. It is full of essential vitamins, minerals, healthy fat, eye-protecting antioxidants. Therefore, we should include eggs in our diet almost daily. Egg contains a lot of protein, but its white part is almost pure protein. You can eat boiled eggs, omelets, fried eggs or mix it in your shake.

Greek yogurt

Mango dairy product Greek yogurt is very thick yogurt. It is very tasty and full of nutrients. It is easily available in the market. You should include Greek yogurt in your diet instead of plain yogurt. To increase the test, you can add salt, walnuts or honey to it.


Not only calcium, but milk is also rich in protein. Milk can be an excellent source of high quality protein. Also, a glass of milk can be called the perfect breakfast for the evening, which keeps your stomach full for a long time.

Walnuts, Almonds and Pistachios

Some dry fruits such as walnuts, almonds and pistachios can be considered the best for evening snacks. If you want to lose weight, they can reduce the risk of heart disease and are also an ideal breakfast for you, but dry fruits and seeds have high calories, so take limited amounts.

Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese can be kept for late night snacks. It is rich in casein, a slow-digesting dairy protein. This slow digestion protein keeps your stomach full for a long time and prevents weight gain. You can include cottage cheese in sandwiches, rolls and salads.

Red Lentil

Lentils is a well-known source of protein for vegetarians. Lentils are rich in nutrients and minerals like fiber, folate, manganese, iron, phosphorus, potassium and B vitamins. The protein in lentils helps maintain heart health, help digestion, and control blood sugar levels.

Dry Fruits

Do not forget these beneficial dry fruits. Almonds are a healthy snack that contains protein, antioxidants, unsaturated fatty acids and fiber. Almonds also provide many health benefits such as protecting your heart from cardiovascular disease, reducing inflammation, improving skin health and helping to control blood sugar levels. Nut butter is another way to add almonds to your diet. Almond butter can be made at home.


Usually eaten during breakfast, oats are a great source of protein. These complexes are rich in carbohydrates. You can eat oats with various healthy foods like fresh fruits and nuts.


Potatoes are often called starchy vegetables, but they are a good source of protein and other nutrients. A boiled mashed potato is rich in important nutrients like protein and carbohydrates. However, when you eat it, moderation is important, because it contains a lot of calories.

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